1. Emilia Clarke photographed by Nino Munoz for Flare Magazine (April 2014)

    She’s gorgeous. 

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  3. Ezra is the best. 

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  6. This was my absolute favorite Display set up in the Antique shop. Victorian Magic! 


  7. Look at this gorgeous hand painted Tea set I found while Antique shopping! The prettiest.  


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  9. Took this photo of an old camera display set up in a rad Antique store! I seriously couldn’t contain myself…I can’t wait to go back when I’m not completely broke!  


  10. Yesterday Cody wasn’t bad at taking my photo. 🌙🌵🌻


  11. I Went to this Huge Antique Shop yesterday! Seriously, It was the best place ever. There were a bunch of different cases and sections with different themes. This one had a bunch of little doll house furniture! Now I want a dollhouse…Is that creepy or cute? I’m gonna say both. 😊🏡


  12. Also, I forgot to show off my Tupac tee. ✌️💙💛💎🙌
    #tupac #gangstalife


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